Earth Month with Natural Products Expo

Last month, the Natural Products Expo West graced us with their lively presence at the Anaheim Convention Center. Armed with an infinite amount of information in the natural and organic products industry, it is a worthwhile networking event that is not to be missed. My son has been attending with me since he was 7 years old, and each year the both of us look forward to the 3-day long event. Although we were tired and sore from walking the floors, we were also fulfilled with a sense of knowledge and pride that the health and wellness industry is continuously striving to do more.

April is the official start of Earth Month and as the old saying goes, “every day should be earth day”, the good people at the Natural Products Expo brought in many new brands that focus on sustainability, biodiversity, and of course, how to combat the climate crisis our world is facing. Helping the planet is an important job for all of us, regardless our age, gender, and situation.

Here are some key takeaways from this year’s Natural Products Expo West:

Functional, plant-based, and regenerative are key words we look for when it comes to food. With resources depleting around the world and not regenerating fast enough, it’s important to support this movement of food products that give back to the earth, its people, and its environment.

Diversity and representation are what we strive for when it comes to brands and companies. As we emerge from the pandemic, we should be opening our eyes and hearts to those who are still below the grid, individuals who want and need to be seen and heard by showing through their brands and products.

Upcycling and diversifying are what the natural and organic industry aim for in the future. The need to throw away what can be readily reused or “upcycled” is yesterday’s news. Growing in our own backyards and turning something old into something new is a form of regeneration and to reuse what would have once been thrown away, such as fruit and vegetable skins, seeds, and so forth.

When you’re out shopping this year, keep an eye out for these emerging and climate-friendly companies:

There are many, many more companies to watch out for, so stay tuned and keep supporting the natural and organic products industry.


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