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As parents, we’re always running around doing stuff that we just don’t have enough time during the day to do. Sure, you can have a nanny, a gourmet live-in chef, and a housekeeper to get things done, but in reality, not many of us have those luxuries. And then when it comes to cooking delicious, wholesome meals, sometimes that can be even harder when you’re trying to satisfy everyone’s tastebuds. I’m always looking for new recipes and new ideas to make meals that my husband, son, and I can all enjoy. Since I’m the only vegetarian, cooking something that can be enjoyed by all 3 of us can be quite daunting sometimes – but challenging in a fun way. I don’t really like cooking with meat as it is, so sometimes I have to be ultra creative. Either way, my family will eat what I cook no matter what.

But when there are times when I don’t feel like cooking a meat dish, I’m stumped at what to offer. Although I prefer cooking from scratch or at least semi-scratch, I like to find good alternatives in ready made meals. When we were introduced to a brand called Organic Bistro, I thought I found something that was both delicious and satisfying and easily prepared. Organic Bistro ( makes wholesome, filling, delicious frozen food using only organic and natural ingredients. In fact, their frozen meals are filled with ingredients that you’ll typically find at 5-star gourmet restaurants. They use only the finest, highest quality organic and natural ingredients such as Wild Alaskan Salmon, organic walnuts, grass-fed beef, organic coconut cream, and organic extra virgin olive oil, just to name a few. At Organic Bistro, they don’t skimp on the good stuff and you can see and taste great quality that’s just as good (if not more so) than something you made on your own.

Frozen foods have come a long way from back in the TV dinner days. Now, most frozen foods are made with higher quality ingredients. But you really don’t know what they’re made from unless you look at the packaging and the labels. When I read the ingredients of Organic Bistro’s frozen gourmet meals, I was really impressed. All the ingredients were something that I would use in my own cooking and since they don’t add any artificial ingredients or preservatives, I knew I found a great new company to look to when I need something quick to cook and eat. And because Organic Bistro uses organic ingredients, I don’t have to worry about any genetically modified ingredient or something that’s sprayed heavily or made with toxic chemicals. We all should try eating more organic foods and at Organic Bistro, you’ll probably find a dish or a few that’ll become regulars in your freezer.

Organic Bistro’s gourmet frozen meals uses recipes from actual recipes developed in their kitchen facility. Each of  their frozen meals are carefully planned and the ingredients meticulously selected to give you only the finest frozen cuisine that’s wholesome, flavorful, and healthy. At Organic Bistro, they create frozen meals that’s the right combination of protein, vegetables, and whole grains, and all balanced with delightful seasonings including organic herbs and spices. My husband, who’s not used to eating organic frozen meals, was more than delighted when he chose a few entrees that soon became his favorites. Although I’d love to prepare Wild Salmon or Grass-fed beef to my husband and son, honestly, I just don’t know if I can make them flavorful enough. My son, loves the Wild Alaskan Salmon and I’m so glad that salmon is filled with important omega fatty acids that are so important for growing kids. And I think what makes Organic Bistro’s Wild Alaskan Salmon so flavorful is with the orange zest, onion powder, and ground celery seeds. And it looks like a gourmet meal that I would prepare given the time and extra ingredients that I’d have to buy. And with organic ingredients and a balanced meal, I can feel better and not too guilty that I didn’t prepare it myself.

What’s great about Organic Bistro’s gourmet frozen meals is that there are organic vegetables or fruits in every dish. Oftentimes I find a lot of frozen meals with barely any vegetables in them and yet the photo on the box indicates there are quite a lot. Until you open the box and you find otherwise. But not with Organic Bistro. What you see on the box, is what you’ll find inside. And there are plenty of organic vegetables for your kids to get some much needed vitamins and minerals. The portion size is just right too, so they’re great for lunch or for dinner. If you want to pair one of their dishes with a salad or bread, you can too, but since each meal already includes a whole grain product, they’re pretty filling already. In most of their frozen meals, you’ll find quinoa, brown rice, or pasta and they’re paired nicely with either their cheddar bakes, complete meals, or savory bowls. Organic Bistro makes a great assortment of flavors and varieties to choose from too so there’s something for everyone. They make gourmet frozen meals with delicious dishes such as Spiced Chicken Morocco, Sesame Ginger Wild Salmon, Chicken Parmesan Bake, Thai Style Red Curry With Beef, and many other mouth watering varieties.

Organic Bistro really is about wholesome, healthy, and responsible gourmet meals. Not only do they use solely organic and natural ingredients, they use sustainably-caught and raised seafood, grass-fed beef, and natural chicken without any added sulfites or sulfates. All of these are important factors when eating and buying foods that uses humane methods. And vegetables raised without any toxic pesticides, herbicides, or germacides are better for your health and for the environment. Besides, I think organic vegetables really do taste so much better than the conventionally-raised.

Organic Bistro can be found at most natural grocery stores and certain supermarkets that carry organic products. The lovely folks at Organic Bistro had given me some coupons to pick up my own flavors and varieties and we tried their Wild Alaskan Salmon, Beef Sirloin Tips, Alaskan Salmon Cake, Wild Alaskan Salmon Bake, and a few others. Each of them had their own unique taste and satisfied both my husband and son’s tummies. And there’s just something really adorable about a beautifully-plated frozen meal that’s steaming hot and smells fantastic. For more info about Organic Bistro and their delicious and wholesome gourmet meals, please visit their website:

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