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We all know that sugar is probably one of the worst foods we can put in our body. But it’s also one of the hardest thing to avoid because it’s in practically everything we eat and buy. However not all sugar are necessarily bad for you. It’s mostly the processed versions and the ones that do more harm than good, like regular cane sugar. I try to stay away from sweets whenever possible but with a young kid in the house, it’s nearly impossible to do so. Sugary food is advertised on TV, in stores, and even in schools (parents and teachers just can’t resist bringing in sweet snacks to share). So what’s a mom to do when we are attacked with sugar-laden foods? Well, we look elsewhere for more healthier alternatives that also contain useful benefits.

As a Moms Meet blogger and ambassador, I was given the opportunity to try a certain type of fruit called “Monk fruit” which is also known as “luo han guo”. Originally harvested in the 13th century, Monk fruit is getting readily more popular as a natural sugar alternative with zero calories and absolutely natural. Because all fruits contain some amounts of sugar, natural sugar from fruits is different than sugar that is processed from sugar cane. And unless your chomping on a pure sugar cane, your most likely getting sugar that has been dyed and heavily processed. With natural sugar such as Monk fruit, you get a much healthier alternative.


Monk Fruit, made from In The Raw ( can be used like regular sugar in all your baking and cooking needs. It has a slightly grainier texture and is less sweet than regular cane sugar. I used Monk Fruit primarily when cooking fruit compote and my husband tried it in his coffee. Of course he is used to the traditional sugars but when I swapped it without him knowing, I don’t think he really noticed at all. For me, Monk Fruit or Luo Han Guo has a really gentle flavor to it and because it isn’t overly sweet, it’s really nice sprinkled over food that you normally use sugar for.


I was given Monk Fruit In The Raw Bakers Bag which can be used for your regular baking and cooking needs. And also Monk Fruit In The Raw Packets which are little sugar packets that you’d find in restaurants but made from the natural sweetness of Monk Fruit of course. Although with my oven broken I didn’t have a chance to bake with the Monk Fruit yet, I did use it for my special fruit compote that I spread over almost anything and just in regular cooking usage. With Asian cooking, it’s always best to add a sprinkle of sugar in your stir fried dishes to balance out the salt or soy sauce.

Monk Fruit in The Raw can be found in most natural grocery stores and stores that carry natural and organic food. I’m prone to eating less sweets as is but I’m glad I tried a new type of sweetener that can substitute regular cane sugar.


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