The Not-So-Frightful Halloween

Is Halloween still on this year? Well, that depends on where you live. It’s still on the calendar and it’s still nationally recognized, and in my household, I will still be decorating and getting treats ready for us. We don’t usually get trick or treaters because we’re usually out and about, but this year we are playing it safe and not passing out candy or going trick or treating. Besides, my son has most likely outgrown trick or treating.

If you’re planning on staying home this Halloween, here are some awesome ideas and tips to keep it safe and fun!

Safe and Fun Halloween:

  • Look for drive-thru Halloween. In Southern California, there are many drive-thru Halloween events where you pay for the price of your car and drive through tunnels, mazes, and lots of spooky and fun props.

  • Safe, social distancing candy. If you’re still inclined to pass out candy, the internet has tons of ideas on how to safely give out candy. Some are putting candies on a string to slide down to the little trick or treaters. Some are leaving bags of candy on the porch. And some are even shooting out candy from a t-shirt cannon gun. Not sure how accurate or safe that will be, but it’s something to check out if that’s your preference.

  • Have a party with your immediate family. You, your kids, and your spouse will most likely have a great time just celebrating at home. While you’re at home, check out these wholesome and healthier snack brands: Beviva Foods (, The Good Crisp Company (, Kay’s Naturals (, Home Free Treats (, Love Corn (

  • Halloween-themed movie night. Who doesn’t love a great movie night? In October, TV channels such as Freeform, CW, and ABC are showing great movies geared towards kids. If you want more of a scarier movie night, check out your paid premium channels such as HBO and Cinemax, and subscription services such as Netflix, Redbox, and Amazon Prime. Even Disney+ has some fun and nostalgic Halloween movies.

  • Bake-off. Have a baking night. Who doesn’t like some delicious homemade cookies, cakes, and pies? Get your kids involved and plan ahead early on. For some fun baking ideas, check out

  • Virtual Halloween. With virtual meetings and school occupying all of our time, why not also include a virtual Halloween party? Gather your friends, family, and classmates and get onto Zoom. This is a free platform and easy to get everyone all together for Halloween. Have some treats and beverages and dress up in costumes too!

  • Boo-grams. Feel like surprising your neighbors or your friends and family? Make some bags stuffed with Halloween-themed candies and treats. If you’re dropping off for families with children, add some fun DIY toys that are both eco-friendly and memorable.

  • “You’ve Been Booed!” Not sure when this tradition started or by whom, but if you live in a friendly neighborhood, you might try the “you’ve been booed” treats. These are basically treats inside a bag left at the doorstep of a neighbor with a tag that says, “you’ve been booed”. The idea is to leave some extra tags so that the recipient can refill the bag with their own treats to leave for the next neighbor.

  • Drive-by Halloween. You and your kids can stand outside your driveway or front door and have your friends drive by with costumes on. To keep this safe, make sure you do this during the day time and try not to honk your horns so you don’t disturb others. If you let your neighbors know ahead of time, they might even join in on the fun.

  • Safe, social distanced Halloween. If you still plan on hosting a party or attending one, make sure you know who the people are and how many are in the homes. Without safe social distancing or masks, it can be very risky for everyone. So plan ahead and find ways to make it safe for you and your family. Just remember that a Halloween mask is not typically a safe mask to wear. Most of them are a thin plastic material without enough barriers for protection.

Whatever your plans are for Halloween this year, know that there is always Halloween next year. With some careful planning, you can make this Halloween safe and fun for your family.

*photos from Pinterest and Martha Stewart blog.

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