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Music. One of the most important things you can include in your child’s life. It soothes their souls, brighten their worlds, and enliven their minds. Music is the branch that takes us to higher grounds and possible futures and children especially need to learn about the importance of music. As adults, we tend to forget how important that could be simply because we are so wrapped up in our own busy lives. But even when we were growing up, we still learned to love music, whether it was taught in schools or listening to the car’s radio while running errands with mom.

As a long time fan of The Imagination Movers ( think one of the very first musical lessons I gave my son was with their CD. If you’ve ever heard of The Imagination Movers you probably already know that their music is dedicated to kids and to the joys of singing, dancing, and well, imagination. Aptly named for their band , The Imagination Movers brings music that delights children and adults all over the world and has become one of our favorite all time bands and celebrities.

The Imagination Movers began as a grassroots band of four friends who loved music as much as their own children. They wrote songs primarily for children in their hometown of New Orleans, using their melodies and words to bring joy and enlightenment to people all over the world. Later, their endeavors paid off and the Disney Jr. Channel picked up this rambunctious group of friends to star in their own television series named after their own band – The Imagination Movers. The TV series was a big hit, generating millions of fans and viewers who knew very little about the Movers prior to their show. With their TV series and concert performances in the US and Canada, The Imagination Movers soon became a common household name.



But after their show abruptly ended on Disney (as with most good shows on TV nowadays), The Movers still performed their energetic concerts for their fans. As a fan myself, I saw less of them in the public eye and even with several of their CD’s and music videos at home, I longed to see them on television again, and so did my son. And then when I heard that they were starting a new album, my heart leapt. The big surprise however was that since The Imagination Movers were no longer part of a traditional music label they had to promote their new album on their own.

Promoting their new album isn’t really a problem for The Movers since their fans already know and love them. But it’s widening their fan base to more people around the world that can be daunting. With this purpose in mind, The Imagination Movers got involved with Pledge Music which is a campaign that allows people to participate in the process through personal funding. With control over what fans want to interact with, people can purchase their CD, DVD, tshirts, concert passes, and even a chance to have the entire gang play at your house. You can get more info about their Pledge Music campaign here:

I was pretty fortunate to have met the Imagination Movers a couple of years ago at one of their concerts. They were exactly how I envisioned them to be in person – friendly, energetic, and wholesome. Each of the guys bring something different to the table with each of their personality shining through. You can clearly see that they love what they do as you feel it through their melodies and their lyrics. Their songs are original and yet speaks to the whole and you get a sense that they are secretly relaying messages to you in their music. In the words of Scott Durbin describing one of their new songs, Three-Legged Dog, “the song in particular carries some special meanings…On one hand it’s inspired by one of Smitty’s dogs (who has since gone on to Doggy heaven) but eventually it took on a deeper meaning about inclusion and striving to succeed regardless of the obstacles.” And that’s exactly how we feel about The Imagination Movers – their music transcends the normal and enlightens our hearts and mind.


In an impromptu interview with Scott Durbin (who had shorn his long gorgeous locks to wear a proud mohawk), Scott wanted to let his loyal fans know of the reasons behind their new album and why they were going through Pledge Music:

For our 9th album, we wanted to return to a ‘grassroots’ sensibility. Since we no longer were part of a traditional label (in the past we we’ve been with Disney Records and Razor&Tie), we wanted our fans in essence to become our label. In turn, doing the PledgeMusic campaign allowed us to involve our fans in a unique and creative way. By helping fund the project, fans (or Mover Nation) get to participate in the process – for example coming up with names for the album and voting on their favorite – and we offered access to the Movers like never before through exclusive items, downloads and experiences. Moreover, by helping us, they also raised money for NDSS. From early on, there was a conscious decision to create an altruistic aspect to our project and having been national partners for the Buddy Walk program through NDSS, we knew exactly who and how we wanted to hold them into the experience. 

So what is the name of their new album? Drumroll please… LICENSED TO MOVE

Whether you’re a die hard fan or a newbie, your kids will truly be delighted by The Imagination Movers. Their songs are clean and wholesome and many provide messages that help kids get through life. The melodies are perky and upbeat and you can purchase all of their merchandise on their official website: But to get their newest CD/DVD which is set to be released on or around December 1, 2014, you’d have to get bragging rights on their Pledge Music host site: Think of it this way – not only are you helping a worthy cause but you’re also getting some of the best music ever created for kids. Because after all, the foundation to a bright future for children is to allow them to use their own imagination.

For a sneak peak of their new song, Three-Legged Dog, please check it out here:


For more information about The Imagination Movers, please visit their website: and join their Facebook and Twitter pages: and




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